Can You Put Hot Drinks in Starbucks Reusable Cups?

Can You Put Hot Drinks in Starbucks Reusable Cups
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A cup of coffee can always be the best feeling for everyone. And when it comes to coffeehouses, Starbucks has been serving the best drinks all around the globe from its beginning. But are the plastic cups used for your drinks safe enough? Can you put hot drinks in Starbucks reusable cups?

Yes, you can certainly use Starbucks reusable cups for serving hot drinks. Apart from these, there are many more factors that must be known to figure out whether the tumbler is safe enough to use or not. We have summed up some details about these Starbucks tumblers that will help you to decide what type of drinks can be served using these cups.

Can You Put Hot Drinks in Starbucks Reusable Cups

What can you serve with Starbucks reusable cups?

Starbucks cups can be used to serve all types of drinks whether it is cold or warm. Reusable materials are used nowadays for making cups in different coffeehouses, and Starbucks isn’t different from it. These cups can be used to serve any of your regular drinks since they are made with a sealable upper lid and plastic body.

Whether you want to pour hot drinks like coffee, espresso, etc. or you want to serve cold coffee, smoothie, etc. a Starbucks recycled plastic tumbler can take care of it. Besides, you can enjoy your favorite beverages as well in these cups without any fear of spilling here and there.

A perfect grip and insulating holder allow you to serve drinks of any temperature easily. Apart from these, Starbucks reusable cups come in different sizes to serve the right amount of drinks for you.

Are Starbucks cups compatible with hot drinks?

You can serve any type of hot drink in Starbucks tumbler without any risks. These cups are made of plastic surface and are covered with an insulator. It allows the cup to withstand all types of drinks at any temperature. Due to reusable healthy plastic, there are no possibilities of emission of harmful chemicals if hot drinks are poured in it.

Not only for hot drinks but Starbucks hot reusable cups can also be used for drinking the iced beverage. A sealable upper lid helps to maintain the inner temperature without ruining the taste of drinks. That is, hot drinks will remain warm and cold drinks will be cold for hours due to such an insulating covering. For this reason, you can enjoy all types of drinks in these tumblers.

Though tumblers of Starbucks are resistant to hot drinks, it is not safe to microwave them. The plastic covering around the cup may warp or tear when it is heated because it is not microwave resistant. So, care must be taken not to heat the cup from any external source.

Are Starbucks cups BPA free?

Luckily, Starbucks is making cups from reusable plastics that are 100% BPA free. There are various coffee stores where drinks are served with cups that are microwave-proof. These cups emit a type of harmful chemical called BPA when hot drinks are poured into them. But fortunately, Starbucks produces such cups that are perfectly safe for our health.

The reusable tumblers that are used by Starbucks are processed in such a way that they cannot emit Bisphenol A (BPA). It not only keeps us safe from various diseases but also preserves the freshness of the environment by resisting the growth of such harmful substances. So, anyone who has a Starbucks tumbler at home can reuse it and drink coffee infinite times without worrying about health hazards.

Why should I use Starbucks reusable cups?

Starbucks tumblers are one of the most healthy, comfortable, and easy to use coffee cups. Among all the coffee stores, Starbucks has been the biggest coffee chain for its popular drinks like coffee, shakes, smoothie, beverages, etc. Another attraction of Starbucks is the tumblers that they use while serving the drinks.

There are lots of advantages to using these cups for your drink all the time. Here are some important facts about Starbucks cups which make them more reliable than other tumblers:

Maintains temperature

Tumblers of Starbucks are compatible with all types of drinks whether it is hot or cold. The cup doesn’t warp or tear at all when hot drinks are poured into it. Besides, it can easily hold ice cold drinks like shakes, beverages, etc. Thus, it allows you to enjoy all drinks regardless of temperature.

Insulating Cover

If you are drinking too much hot coffee, then don’t worry about burning your hands. The Starbucks double insulated tumbler resists heat transfer. Due to this double-layered insulator, the temperature of the drinks is preserved for 3-4 hours.

Healthy and Safe

Tumblers used in Starbucks are produced from chemical-free plastics. It means the environmental pollution is minimized greatly due to such material. Besides, you can use these cups multiple times since they are reusable. Apart from these, Starbucks cups don’t emit BPA chemicals when hot drinks are poured. It resists all types of occurrence of health hazards.

Different Sized

Starbucks produces 3-types of cups depending on the size. These are regular, medium, and large which makes it easier for the user to order drinks. So, you don’t have to be unsure about the amount of coffee you are going to get.

Aside from these advantages, anyone who brings Starbucks cups to the shop for their drinks, gets discounts as well. So, there are many benefits if you use such tumblers for your drinks.


Whether you want a cold or hot drink, Starbucks can serve it perfectly. The tumblers used here can keep your drinks intact for a long time by resisting temperature change. Besides, these reusable cups come with a lid that can seal the upper part and avoid spilling.

So, using Starbucks cups can make your drinking enjoyable and safe at the same time.

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