How to Reheat Twice Baked Potatoes in Microwave?

How to Reheat Twice Baked Potatoes in Microwave
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Twice-baked potatoes are loaded with super creamy, cheesy, and buttery flavors. After preparing twice-baked potatoes with loads of stuff, often people find it difficult to store or reheat them without ruining the taste.

My experience says using a microwave oven is a good thing when you want to reheat baked potatoes. But how to reheat twice baked potatoes in microwaves? Actually, it’s a pretty easy job, nothing to get confused about. So, let’s tell you the whole story. 

How to Reheat Twice Baked Potatoes in Microwave

Reheating Twice Baked Potatoes in Microwave

One of the most popular methods to reheat twice baked potatoes is with a microwave. This is the easiest and quickest method so far. Some question its authenticity but this method works pretty well. 

However, here are the steps you can follow to reheat your potato dish. 

Step 1: Place the potatoes in a microwave-safe dish and cover with a microwave splatter guard or microwave-safe lid. 

Step 2: Set the microwave to high and set the timer for 55 seconds to 60 seconds. 

Step 3: Uncover and microwave for another 1 minute. 

Step 4: Poke inside to know whether the potatoes are finely hot or not. If not then continue heating for 30 seconds or more.

You should know the consequences after reheating double stuffed potatoes. 

  • The skin of potatoes will be tender, not crispy. 
  • In the microwave, it is difficult to warm evenly. So, there will be some bites that are not warm enough and some will be super hot, burning your tongue. 

How Long to Cook a Twice Baked Potato

Twice Baked Potatoes are loaded down with mashed potatoes, sour cream, cheddar, green onions, bacon, and more flavors for ultimate tempting pleasure. They’re great at special events and ceremonies and are generally a big hit. It is also possible to make ahead baked potatoes and refrigerate or freeze them for subsequent heating. 

The whole procedure of cooking double-baked potatoes would take 1 hour 35 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes( preparation time included) not more than that. Cooking time would be 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes. 

So, this recipe is not time-consuming at all. They are perfect for attending sudden get-togethers. 

Can Twice Baked Potatoes be Frozen?

Absolutely! Frozen twice baked potatoes are pretty great in demand. Cause, it saves time and you can make plenty and freeze them for later use. Now you may ask how can I do it? 

There are usually two methods of freezing double-baked potatoes. They are: 

  • Fill with toppings but don’t bake twice 
  • Completely filled and twice baked

Simply place the baked potatoes (whether twice baked or not and wrapped in plastic) in an airtight box and place them in the freezer for up to 6 months. The second category is great for leftovers. 

Other Reheating Methods for Double Baked Potatoes

Reheating in Oven

If you ask me what is the best way to reheat a baked potato, the answer would undoubtedly be reheating in an oven. Reheating in the oven takes more time but the dish turns out pretty similar to new. Nobody can describe them as leftovers. The potato skin would be crispy, with no changes to the filling, soft and moist as usual. The taste would be the same. 

The following steps will help you reheat twice-baked potatoes:

Step 1: Set the oven for preheating at the temperature of 425 degrees F. 

Step 2: Unwrap the potatoes you refrigerated and place them on the baking sheet you have prepared. 

Step 3: Sprinkle some freshly grated cheese to make the dish more tempting. This step is optional, you don’t need to add cheese if you don’t have one. But it makes the potatoes more cheesy and flavorful. 

Step 4: Bake for 15 minutes to 17 minutes or until potatoes are completely heated. 

Reheating on Air Fryer

You can also use an air fryer to reheat your favorite twice baked potatoes. The problem you would face is the same as reheating in a microwave. The potato skin would be dull and tender in place of crispy.

To do that you need to-

Step 1 : Set the airfryer time r to 400 degreeds F 

Step 2: Unwrap and place them into the air fryer.

Step 3: Heat them for 4 minutes to 5 minutes. By this time potatoes should be hot enough to enjoy. 

Reheating on Grill

Reheating double-baked potatoes on the grill can be tricky, cause you always have to be careful not to dry them out, or else the taste would be completely ruined. 

Here you have two scenarios like before. If you haven’t baked the potatoes twice, set the grill for preheating at the temperature of 350 degrees F and cook for 20 minutes to 25 minutes closing the lid. 

But if you have already baked them twice, you have to wait a while until your frozen or refrigerated potatoes come to room temperature. Then, you need to set the temperature to 350 degrees F and simply cook for 10 minutes to 12 minutes. It won’t take longer than that. 

Reheating in Toaster Oven:

When you reheat twice-baked potatoes in a toaster oven, it’s the same process as heating them in your oven, but it won’t raise the temperature of your entire kitchen. 

Toaster ovens do not need to be as hot since they have a smaller surface area to heat up. Put your toaster oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Your twice-baked potato should now be placed on the central rack on a tray. For best results, bake for 20minutes to 25 minutes or until it’s hot. 

Do Potatoes Become Toxic When Reheated?

People are afraid of reheating potatoes, mainly because certain types of bacteria can grow on them if they are not stored properly. But it is not likely you can’t reheat them. These are some possibilities. However, you should know some facts to circumvent this problem 

You should avoid baking potatoes in aluminum foil and then storing them in the same foil, as this promotes the growth of bacteria like C. botulinum. You should unwrap your baked potatoes, allow them to cool completely, then wrap them in plastic wrap and refrigerate them.

Sum Up:

There are several methods of reheating baked potatoes. Among them, heating in the microwave is the quickest. Follow the correct procedure for doing so, if you genuinely don’t want to ruin the taste.

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