Pink Whitney Drink Recipes

Pink Whitney Drink Recipes
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The name Pink Whitney is from the former NHL hockey player name Ryan Whitney. This light drink tastes sweet with a tart citrusy flavor. And you can make it with simple ingredients. 

This pink drink features an outstanding smooth mouthfeel in terms of its accurate amount of alcohol. If you want to make a quick crowd-pleaser in the summertime, make the pink Whitney drink recipes. 

It’s made with vodka, ice, and pink lemonade to result in a super satisfying cocktail. Moreover, it will be a perfect add-on to your main course with the combination of coldness. Let’s check out the recipe detail. 

Pink Whitney Drink Recipes

Pink Whitney Drink Ingredients

Can you just imagine making any recipe with only 4 simple ingredients? It’s possible when you go for a Pink Whitney drink. It requires only the following 4 elements to arrange-

Pink Lemonade (6 Oz)

You must consider the number of glasses you serve. And based on the servings number, increase or decrease the number of ingredients. Adding 6 oz of pink lemonade will be perfect for your today’s recipe. Because we’ll make this drinks for only two servings.

Vodka (1-2 Oz)

The amount of vodka can be depending on your preference. The maximum amount of vodka you add, the stronger the drink will be. At this stage, adding vodka from 1 to 2 oz will be perfect. However, if you make it for kids as well, try adding just a little amount of vodka. 

Garnish (Lemon Wedges and Sprig of Mint)

For garnish, you’ll require a few pieces of lemon wedges and also the spring of mint. 

Here’s how to make lemon wedges-

1. Wash the lemon and clean it properly

2. Now slice off the lemon’s bottom and top, and hold its side.

Slice off the Lemon’s Top & Bottom
Slice off the Lemon’s Top & Bottom

3. Hold it up vertically and cut the lemon in half.

Cut the Lemon into Half

4. Remove the lemon seeds using the knife head.

Remove the Lemon Seeds
Remove the Lemon Seeds

5. Take each half in your cutting board and slice them into the shape you can see in the images.

Shaping Up the Lemon Wedges
Shaping Up the Lemon Wedges
A Piece of Lemon Wedge
A Piece of Lemon Wedge

6. Make a total of 8 wedges from one lemon. This way considering the number of glasses, you need 1, 2, 3, or more lemons. For today’s servings, we need only 1 lemon. 


Taka some of the mint leaves and don’t chop them into pieces. Just take the sprig of mint leaves to add to the glasses of Whitney.

Sprig of Mint
Sprig of Mint

Ice (As you require)

There’s no specific amount of ice you need. Add the pieces of ice according to your necessity. Also, there are no specific rules like you have to add crushed ice or cube ones. Use as you like.   

How to Make Pink Lemonade?

Arranging all the ingredients means we’re ready to make our pink Whitney drink. To make the drink you must make the pink lemonade in the first phase. 

Here’s how to make pink Lemonade-


  • Diced Watermelon- ½ Cup
  • Cold Water – 4 Cups
  • Lemon Juice of Freshly Squeezed Lemon- ½ Cup
  • Granulated Sugar – ½ Cup

Ways to Make Pink Lemonade

  • In your blender, give diced watermelons, 1 cup cold water, sugar, and lemon juice. 
  • Once the elements are mixed all together and made a smooth mixture, pour it into a jug/ mug
  • Now add the remaining 3 cups of water.  Keep mixing to combine the added water properly 
  • Serve with the ice cube

How to Make Pink Whitney Drink ?

You have finished making the pink lemonade means you’re appropriately ready to make your favorite pink Whitney. Making this tasty drink is as easy as making a simple lemonade. 

There are several ways and ingredients to make a pink Whitney drink recipe. One of the easiest ways is as shared below-


Take your serving glasses and add ice cubes to them.


This time, add vodka and pink lemonade. Stir them slowly. Now add 2 pieces of lemon wedges into the glass with juice. And 1 piece of the wedge to the glass side. And, your glass of Pink Whitney is ready.

Pink Whitney Drink
Pink Whitney Drink

Best Main/Side Dishes to Serve With 

It’s amazing to drink Pink Whitney without any side dishes. Especially when you’re in the hot weather, drinking the Whitney will make you cool. Yet if you want to add this to your main dish or side dish of any kind, consider the following dishes-

  • Fried Chicken
  • Pasta
  • Fruits salad
  • Ricotta & Cheese 
  • Baked Spinach
  • Corn Bread
  • Mac & Cheese 
  • Tortillas 
  • Mashed Potatoes
Pink Whitney Drink Recipes

Pink Whitney Drink Recipes || Explore Your Summer in New Ways

If you like to have drinks with a savory and sweet taste, make the easiest drink pink Whitney drink recipes at home.  With the variation of the garnishing process, it tastes different.
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2 People
Calories: 300kcal


  • 6 Oz Pink Lemonade
  • 1-2 Oz Vodka
  • 1 Lemon Lemon Wedges
  • Mint Leaves As you need.


  • Add ice cubes, vodka, and pink lemonade to your serving glasses.
  • Stir them slowly.
  • Now add 2 pieces of lemon wedges into the glass with juice and 1 piece of the wedge to the glass side.
  • Your glass is ready.


  • To make the drink a bit more creative, add some 7UP or Sprite in it. Adding any of these drinks will increase the bubbliness.
  • Instead of applying vodka only, add half of the vodka along with half the ram. It will improve the taste and also will make your drink more robust.
  • For an added color to make the drink more colorful and attractive, pomegranate or cranberry can be the best addition. These elements will also twice the taste and flavor.
  • And when it’s about the garnish, adding slices of strawberry than just typical mint and lemon wedges can also be a great way.


Nutrition Facts
Pink Whitney Drink Recipes || Explore Your Summer in New Ways
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

10 Top Pink Whitney Drink Recipes

You can make a variety of pink Whitney recipes rather than just the one we’ve shared above. And some of the highly delicious recipes are the followings-

Pink Whitney Strawberry Cocktail

Pink Whitney Strawberry Recipe

Splash your summertime by drinking the fresh strawberry-flavored Pink Whitney. Making this Whitney recipe is extremely easy and you need only three ingredients. Make it with Whitney vodka, pink lemonade, and Malibu ram. 

If you serve or drink it with the added topping of fresh strawberries, it becomes one of the best drinks to enjoy at summer parties. And, if you like your drink bubbling, add ⅓ tsp of club soda. 

Pink Whitney with Lemon Slice & Strawberry

Pink Whitney with Lemon Slice & Strawberry

You need vodka to make all sorts of Whitney recipes. So, it’s needless to mention in all recipes. Take some sliced fresh and ripped strawberries and also some sliced lemon. 

With the combination of water and vodka,  make the drink. Then add strawberry slices and lemon slices to the glass side right before serving. It will taste delicious to brighten up your scorching hot days. 

Pink Whitney with Lemon Wedges, Sprig of Mint & Strawberries

 Pink Whitney with Lemon Wedges, Sprig of Mint & Strawberries

It’s the Whitney that we’ve shared above. With the combination of lemon wedges and a sprig of mint, this Whitney is going to be the best recipe for anytime cravings. We didn’t add any strawberries to our recipe. If you like the sweet flavor of strawberries, add some sliced strawberries to your glass. 

Non-Alcoholic Pink Whitney Drink

Non-Alcoholic  Pink Whitney Drink

This Whitney won’t provide any alcoholic flavor and it’s fit for everyone from male and female. It’s made of simple syrup, lime juice, and pink lemonade. With these three ingredients only, you’ll be able to make it with ease. 

Pink Whitney Limeade Drink

Pink Whitney Lemonade Drink

To make this drink recipe, you need the iconic pink Whitney vodka, lemon-lime soda, and limeade. With these three simple ingredients, it’s easy to make this Whitney recipe. Serve it cold with the ice cubes.

Pink Whitney Slush

Pink Whitney Slush
Pink Whitney Slush

When you want to try something classic or traditional, go for the Pink Wgitney slush. This recipe requires fresh grapes, vodka, lime juice, and limeade. These ingredients make an incredible combination and give the recipe a boozy appeal. For any kind of special party or event, it can be the perfect one.

Pink Whitney Champagne Cocktail

Pink Whitney Champagne Cocktail

This easy-to-make drink recipe is super gracious to serve at parties. Make with vodka, champagne, and raspberries. Take your glass, pour vodka, and then top with the raspberries. Your glass of Pink Whitney Champagne cocktail is ready. 

Pink Whitney Margarita

Pink Whitney Margarita

If you want your Whitney in a bit different in flavor and appearance, you must try the Pink Whitney Margarita. However, it requires pretty much more elements compared to other traditional Pink Whitney recipes. Yet, this drink tastes and flavors the best. You need the following ingredients to make this recipe-

  • Orange Liqueur (Sweet Syrup)
  • Caramel-Flavored Syrup
  • Tart Lime Juice
  • Sweet Grenadine Syrup
  • Pink Vodka
  • Lime Wedges

Just take all the ingredients in a jar and give them a good stir to mix well. If you like a salty flavor, add a pinch of salt and stir. Garnish with lime wedges. Your Pink Whitney Margarita is ready to drink and serve.

Pink Whitney with Berry & Lemonade

To make this tasty sweet drink, you need very simple ingredients. Take some pink Whitney vodka, raspberry lemonade of sweet-tart, blue curacao, and frozen berry medley. Blend them in your blender and pour them into the jar (except the berry medley). Now garnish the serving glasses with a berry medley and serve.  

Vodka Lemonade Pink Whitney

Vodka Lemonade Pink Whitney

To make a unique splash on your evening party, Vodka Lemonade Pink Whitney is the best one. With the combination of Sprite, cranberry, lime juice, and vodka, it delivers a great flavor. Since it’s easy to make, drinking or serving this drink anytime will be right in your hand. Especially,  it works fine in the summertime with pieces of ice cubes. 

How Strong is Pink Whitney?

Pink Whitney is a choice for those who want to join a traditional drinking session. If you want to go through the Whitney adventure, you must know how strong is pink Whitney. 

Taking the Pink Whitney vodka of six shots in total will be the strongest drink for an average person to drunk. These six shots of pink Whitney vodka are considered 30% of alcohol content. 

When you need only four shots of liquor of other types, you need six shots here for the Pink Whitney vodka. And it means this Pink Whitney is 30% strong in alcoholic content. To measure the power of this drink, consider some essential factors, for example-


Usually ladies get more drunk with the same amount of drink compared to gents. The reason is the smaller body frame and lesser enzymes in the women’s bodies get them drunk faster. Also, due to lesser enzymes makes it tough to metabolize this alcoholic Whitney in women’s bloodstream. 


Another important factor that can make Whitney more or less strong is the age of the drinkers. Depending on the age, your metabolic energy can be more or less. And, here gender is not a fact. 

If an old man drinks the Whitney, he’ll get more drunk than a young one. Because, as we started to be older, our metabolic system tends to produce comparatively less fluid in our body. 

Your Body Weight

The robustness of the Whitney varies based on the real body weight of a person who drinks. Someone with a large body size and weight will generally get less intoxicated with this alcoholic content. 

If you have a small body shape along with less weight, you’ll usually get much drunk over the same number of glasses. So, the robustness of your Pink Whitney depends on your body weight as well. 

How Fast or Slow Your Drink

Any type of alcohol is recommended to drink slowly. Because the faster you drink your alcohol, the more your body will be receiving the alcohol. Therefore, depending on the way fast or slow you drink, the robustness (strong or weak) of your Whitney will be.

Alcoholic Tolerance Level

Not everyone comes with the same alcohol tolerance capability. If you’re habitual at drinking alcohol regularly, you won’t feel the Whitney that much strong in flavor. However, someone with a poor alcohol tolerance level is more likely to vomit or get drunk. 

Pink Whitney Calories: How Many Calories In Whitney Per Shot?

If you measure the Whitney in 1.5 ounce shot, it will deliver 100 calories per shot. This calorie comes because of the application of vodka. However, taking a non-vodka-flavored Whitney will deliver 65 calories per 1.5 ounce of shot. 

You might think these 100 calories or 65 calories are high calories. But surprisingly, vodka is the lowest calorie provider considering other alcoholic beverages on the market. 


The pink Whitney drink recipes, though, are made of vodka, still, the kids can drink it a little. Because the main ingredient of this drink is the lemonade. And vodka is added a little. 

So, it won’t hinder kids’ health. It’s an exclusive drink for adults as well as kids. This lemonade vodka punch is popular due to two reasons especially. It’s easy to make with very few ingredients. And it has no side effects perfect for all ages. 

What’s more, you need no special tools to prepare this tasty treat except blander only.  Considering these reasons, it can be the top priority for you too. 

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