Columbia Restaurant Sangria Recipe

Columbia Restaurant Sangria Recipe
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There are many popular classic and traditional recipes in Colombians restaurants. And one of the most common ones is the Columbia restaurant sangria recipe. Whenever you get into the Colombians, you can choose different types of sangrias. 

Colombians sangrias are of many types, like red sangria, white sangria, and sparkling sangria. All of them are massively available and popular among restaurants in Colombia. However, today, we’ll make the most traditional one, the red sangria of Colombian restaurants.

We’ll show you the most accessible and wonderful shortcut to make this amazing recipe. You can make it effortlessly using the ready sangria mix. Let’s Begin!

Columbia Restaurant Sangria Recipe

Columbia Restaurant Sangria Mix Ingredients

The ingredients to make the Columbia sangria can be divided into two categories-

  • Key Ingredients
  • Additional Ingredients

It means you can make your sangria with only the key ingredients. Again, if you want to give it a different taste than the traditional ones, you can add additional elements as well. 

Key Ingredients

With only three main ingredients, you can make the most famous drink, sangria-

Cold Water (1 ½ Cups)

To mix the sangria mix, you have to take cold water of 1 ½ cups. It’s a syrup recipe. So, there’s no alternative to water to make your sangria. 

Sangria Mix (1 Packet)

The main element to make this recipe is the sangria mix. So, you need to purchase 1 packet of sangria mix. 

Red Wine (750ml)

Exclusive sangria is made with exclusive wine. So choosing a remarkable brand is essential. We’re going to make the red sangria today. So, we’ll need red wine. 

The next essential syrup element you need is red wine. Take a 750 ml packet of a red wine bottle. Adding red wine makes your sangria strong. You can use any brand of red wine available in your hand. However, we would like to use the Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you’re reading this article sitting in Colombia right now, you can get the red wine of Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon very easily nearby. Go to the Colombia Gift Shop (Gem of Spenish) and buy it in minutes. 

Additional Ingredients

If you want to take your sangria a step ahead of the traditional ones, add the following ingredients to your list- 

Brandy (1 Bottle)

It’s optional to add brandy. You can either add this element or can skip it. However, adding this will make the sangria recipe tastier. Take 1 bottle of brandy from any of your preferred brandy. We’ll take from the TORRES 5 SOLERA RESERVA.

However, if you’ve no brandy in your hand right at the moment, you can go for a couple of mini bottles of brandy. 

Orange (1 ½)

To make the ordinary or regular sangria a bit extra special, you don’t just need to add brandy to the sangria. You also need to add some fruit juice. You can take any of your favorite fruits and chop them to squeeze the juice. 

We’ll take 1 whole orange and slice it into small pieces and squeeze the juice into a glass. Keep the glass aside for later use. Now take another ½ orange and slice it into thin pieces. 

Two slices will be needed to make the rim of your sangria glass. Set the orange slices aside until you need them the next.

Lemon( 1 Slice)

Take a lemon and slice it into thin pieces. You’ll need 1 slice to add to your sangria glass. Put the lemon slices aside. 

Cherry (5)

Take 5 cherries and wash them. Keep them aside for later use.

How to Make Sangria?

It’s very simple to mix all the ingredients and make your sangria. You need not go for boiling water or making sugar syrup or anything else. 


Take a jar and add cold water to it. Now add the sangria mix and stir to mix well. Make sure the water and the sangria mix are mixed properly.


Once the water and sangria are mixed well, add the red wine. Adding and mixing the red wine means your red sangria from a Colombian restaurant is ready. Now all you need is to add the ice cubes and serve. 

However, there’s a hidden trick to take your sangria syrup a step further. Following this hidden trick will help you make your syrup a bit extra special. If you want a unique taste, go for the next steps.


Add brandy and your squeezed orange juice to the sangria and mix properly. Then add the lemon slice into the glass.


This time you need to make the garnish. In maximum Columbian restaurants, they prefer to garnish the glass of sangria with cherry fruit.   So, garnish your sangria with cherries.


Your Columbia sangria recipe is almost ready. This time take the orange slices and put one for your sangria glass and one slice for the rim. Again take a lemon slice and put it in the glass, as same as the orange slice you have put. 


Pour the mixed sangria into the glass you get ready with lemon and orange slices. 


This time, add some ice cubes to the sangria glass. Your sangria is ready to drink and serve. So, this is how you can make the exact Columbia sangria recipe.

Best Side Dishes to Serve with Columbia Sangria

Choosing the side dish to serve with sangria can be categorized based on the type of sangria you make. Here’s which sangria can be served with what side dish to make a perfection-

Type of SangriaSide Dish 
White Sangria Brie/  Creamy & Rich Pasta/ Lobster/ Guacamole/ Sweet & Sour Meatballs/ Jalapeno Poppers/ Fruits Salad 
Red Sangria Tapas-Style Starters/ Jalapeno Poppers/ Steak, Fruit Tart/ Pork Sliders
Savory SangriaCharcuterie Plate/ Cheese Plate
Columbia Restaurant Sangria Recipe

Columbia Restaurant Sangria Recipe || Step-by-Step Guide

When you want a glass of a crowd-pleasing cocktail, the Columbia sangria is an obvious option. Here’s how to make the traditional Columbia restaurant sangria recipe at home.
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 5 People
Calories: 219kcal


Key Ingredients

  • 1 ½ Cups Cold Water
  • 1 Packet Sangria Mix
  • 750 Ml Red Wine

Additional Ingredients

  • 1 Bottle Brandy
  • 1 ½ Orange
  • 1 Slice Lemon
  • 5 Cherry


  • In a jar, add cold water, sangria mix, and stir to mix well.
  • Now, add the red wine and brandy and mix them.
  • Slice an orange and squeeze the juice into the sangria mixture and mix well.
  • Your sangria recipe is almost done.
  • This time take an orange and slice it, and put one for your sangria glass and one slice for the rim.
  • Again take a lemon and slice it into thin pieces. Take one piece and put it in the glass.
  • Now, pour the mixed sangria into the glass and add some ice cubes and cherries to the sangria glass.
  • You're done perfectly.


  • There’s no specific brand for red wine and brandy. You can choose them from any brand to bring your own taste and flavor to the sangria.
  • To increase the flavor, there are many things to add to your sangria. For example, you can add cinnamon sticks and other types of fruits you prefer.
  • Fruits like diced apples and diced pears can also be an ideal addition. In a word, you can add anything you prefer and personalize your sangria in your own way. But the sangria we made today is the exact Columbia restaurant’s sangria recipe.


Nutrition Facts
Columbia Restaurant Sangria Recipe || Step-by-Step Guide
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


The sangria is a great drinking item to enjoy your evening parties in Columbia. Among all other sangria types, the red sangria we made today is the most used Columbia traditional recipe. Still, all other sangrias are found in the Columbia restaurant. 
The Columbia restaurant’s sangria recipe is pretty easy to make with the easily-found ingredients and fruits. The sangria, no matter whether red or white, is the best cocktail to celebrate your chili days. In Columbia, the residents can never imagine making their celebration without sangria.

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