Best Container to Store Bacon Grease

Best Container to Store Bacon Grease
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Do you like having fried food the most? If so, you must get bacon grease and other fats left over after each frying. Don’t be troubled if you’ve no good container to store them. Here’s the top list of the best container to store bacon grease. 

The container we have selected are of high quality with low cost. They are convenient to use and maintain. You no longer have to be hassled about whether your bacon grease will remain healthy. 

Best Container to Store Bacon Grease

What Features Should Be Considered Before Buying the Bacon Grease Container?

A high-quality container for fat storage means the combination of some latest features. Features that will make a bacon grease container high quality are as follows-


If the container is featured with sturdy and rust-resistant materials, the bacon grease will be safe and clean. So, purchasing the rust-resistant container will value your investment. 

Non-Stick Coating

To get you an easy cleaning, you require a container featured with non-stick coating inside and outside. It will help you clean the fat trouble-free and also remove the rust from grease. 

Proper Seal

A lid that isn’t designed with a perfect sealing trait will not be tightened well. As a result, the container will come with an oil slippage issue. At this point, the container will start leaking the grease and splash it on the surface. Check out whether the container has got a perfect sealing feature. 

It will tighten the lid properly and there won’t be any oil fall out. The outside surface of the container will remain dry and oil-free. So, slippage problems will never happen. 

Leak Resistance

Ordinary containers with cheap quality materials get leaks on the surface after a few days of use. Considering this issue, it’s a must-have feature for a bacon grease container to have a leak-resistant trait. Check out if the container is leak-resistant. Containers without leak-resistant features should be avoided to purchase. 

Coaster Tray

Containers that are featured with coaster trays are extra prioritized. It’s common if drops of grease slip away to the container outside while pouring. However, it’s a messy issue that will spoil your kitchen countertop. 

In this case, a container with a coaster tray will prevent making this oil slippage mess on the surface. So, if you want your bacon grease container a bit extraordinary, choose it with a coaster tray. 

Handle’s Grief

A convenient handle is beyond all questions for a high-quality container. Make sure the handle provides sufficient grief. Some of the containers come with handles that are not designed with suitable materials. Therefore, your hand can be slipped away. So, it’s important to ensure the handle’s grief. 


If you want to save time from cooling the hot grease, purchase a container featured with heat-resistant materials. It will allow you to store the bacon grease hot right after cooking. In this case, you don’t have to wait for the grease to be cold. It will save you time.

What is The Best Bacon Grease Container? 

You often have some fat left over after cooking. So, if you don’t want to waste them, you might store them in a container. But, as bacon grease is a fat product, it should be stored in a tight-fit lid container that is well-suitable for grease storage. It’s considered one of the best cooking utensils for cast iron, metal, stainless steel, and glass. 

There are lots of high-quality containers available on the market. Thus, tracking the best one among this huge collection is tough. So, our short list of 10 best containers will be extremely handy for you. 

All the containers on our top list are high-performed and well-featured. Still, we found the Chihee Stainless Steel Can is super convenient. Because it has versatile use options and also delivers high performance. 

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8 Best Containers to Store Bacon Grease

A high-quality bacon grease container is measured based on features, functionality, capacity, and durability. Here are our 8 best grease containers. Find out your best match from the list- 

Chihee Stainless Steel Grease Can 

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A good container is always a combination of high-quality materials and ergonomic design. So, here’s one of the best containers with a stylish design and quality performance. Choose the Chihee stainless steel container. Because it’s perfect to store your leftover grease. 

It delivers a superior straining and storing performance. Since it has both straining and storing features, you can easily remove the food particles and debris from your bacon grease. So, the grease will remain pure and clean. It’s not just usable for bacon grease, you can use it for other leftover fats after your cooking. Also, it’s easy to carry with its ergonomic handle. 


Large Capacity

This container comes with a large capacity of 2 liters. And storing grease up to 2 liters in one pot is a huge benefit. You don’t have to use separate containers for weeks of storage.  

High Temperature Compatible

Some of the containers cannot store the hot grease., however, the Chihee can. It’s high-temperature compatible. So, you can put your leftover fat directly after cooking. You don’t have to wait for it to be cold. It’s time-saving. 

Smooth Inner Wall

This container has no corners or residue. It’s designed with a smooth inner wall with a simple round shape. So, it will be easier for you to clean and maintain. 

Removable Mesh Filter

It has a removable strainer to separate the remaining food particles with ease. So, cleaning the bacon grease before storing will be trouble-free for you. You don’t have to go for the typical hacks to purify the grease.


Dishwasher Safe Components
Perfect for repeated use
Seamless structure
Healthy and cost-effective


No knob is included for the cover

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Cambom Fat Storage Container

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If you want a fine mesh removable strainer, check out the Cambom storage container. It’s a high-quality bacon grease container. Using this container, your grease storage will be effortless and enjoyable. 

You no longer have to be troubled with the leftover bacon grease, oil, or other fats after cooking. It’s a perfect container to meet your every need. 


Material Variation

Different parts of this container are made of stainless steel and also iron. Its mesh strainer is made of stainless steel while the coaster tray is made of iron.  So, it will deliver durability.

Non-Stick Coating

This container has got a non-stick coating on its outside and inside. So, it will remove the rust from your grease. Also, the non-coating wall will be easier to clean. 

Versatile Design

It’s a nice container to store bacon grease, and other leftover fats. Besides,  other liquids like stocks, homemade sauces, broths, etc are also well-storable in this container. 

Tight Fitting Lid

It comes with a tight-fitting lid to keep the leftover well stored from dust. Also, there’s no risk that your grease can fall out. So, you can put the container anywhere worry-free.


Easy to pour the grease through its wide sprout 
Smooth finish
A convenient handle is included


Its filter hasn’t soaking capacity

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Oggi Stainless Steel Grease Container

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If you want the most cost-effective and safest way to preserve your bacon grease leftover, choose the Oggi container. It’s a safe container to keep the grease for a long time. 

And, it won’t spread any bad smell onto your grease the next time use it. You can reuse your grease to increase the taste of your dish. 


Excellent Mesh 

In terms of its excellent mesh, the straining process becomes accurate and easy. The leftover will be cleaned without a single piece of food particles. So, using it the next will be healthy. 

Sturdy Constructions

Its stainless steel construction has given it a robust frame. Due to its heavy gauge, the grease or food will remain safe. Besides, this container will last for a long. 

Smooth Inner side

Its smooth inner sides are easy to clean. There’s no corner as it has got a round shape.  So, it will also be easier to use.

No-Oil Slippage 

Keeping grease or any other fats on this container will never arise any oil slippage issues. It’s designed with an exclusive plastic lid with an air-tight seal. So, no leakage or slippage problem will take place on your kitchen countertop. 


Stylish and sleek design 
Easy to use 
Perfect for regular use 


It’s not big enough to store a huge amount
No handle is added

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Ourokhom Bacon Grease Container

[amazon fields=”B08TBMBR5W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

The traditional or classic design is always the best for enhanced beauty. If you like the old-fashioned design, here’s the Ourokhome bacon grease container. It’s a well-designed container with a highly convenient bakelite handle. 

Holding it to carry is easier. Also, it’s less likely to get hot and inconvenient. It’s designed with brilliant lid addition to prevent falling dust into the oil. So, the bacon grease will be clean and dust-free till you use it the next. 


Non-Stick Coating

Some of the containers come with non-stick coating inside only. However, the Ourokhome has its coating both inside and outside.  So, it will easily prevent unpleasant rust. 

Heat Resistant

There’s no risk of filtering your hot grease right after your frying is done. This container is heat resistant and can store immediate hot oil. 

Excellent Coaster Tray 

If the grease stick to the outside of the container, your kitchen countertop won’t be messed up. Because it has got an excellent coaster tray to put the container on. Therefore, the extra fat outside the container will fall into the coaster. 

Food-Grade Layer Inside & Outside

This container is constructed with a food-grade layer inside and outside. With only a towel, you can easily clean it after each use. However, it’s for instant grease removal. You must wash the container using water. 


Convenient design 
Removable mesh strainer
Spill-proof line
Stainless steel mesh
Great filtering capacity


Strainer cannot be soaked. You must dry it

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Zulay Bacon Grease Container

[amazon fields=”B091GFKT62″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

A grease container with high-temperature resistance or rust resistance features is highly recommended. Purchasing the Zulay bacon grease container will offer these all features you want. This 1-liter capacity container will allow you to store your leftover grease trouble-free.  

It will offer all the latest features that can make your usage comfortable and enjoyable. Storing grease in the container will keep the leftovers pure and healthy. 


Brilliant Functionality

It’s a perfect storage tool for all sorts of liquids. Besides storing your leftover grease, you also cake store oil, broths, and stocks. It will keep the liquids safe. Also, it’s designed with a comfortable handle to deliver good grief. And in terms of its tight lid, your grease will remain healthy for a long time. 

Premium Material

It’s made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel material. As a result, using it for years will be in yoru hands. This container will value your investment. 

Flexible Cleaning Procedure

Maximum of the grease container comes with either handwash or dishwasher. So, these containers set some boundaries in the cleaning process. 

However, the Zulay Kitchen grease container is completely different. It comes with both handwash and dishwasher compatibility. Therefore, you can clean it in your own way. 


3 different colors are available
It can be an exclusive gift 
Elegant design with rose gold color


A bit bulky

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Golf Bacon Grease Container with Strainer

[amazon fields=”B092HC63V5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

To get you the super convenient grease container with the latest features, we suggest the Golf bacon grease container with strainer. For your keto, or paleo diet maintenance, it’s a perfect gadget with outstanding storage capacity. 


Versatile Usage

This oil-pot featured container will be a handy gadget for all types of fat, for instance-

  • Bacon Grease
  • Coconut Oil
  • Frying Oil

It can residue your bacon grease accurately through its filter. You also can use it to filter drinks like juice, tea, coffee, soup, broth, and stock. 

Splash-Proof Base/ Coater Tray

Although it has a wide sprout, still, if your grease falls out, the coaster will prevent making a mess. It will prevent oil from leaking out and splashing out on the surface. It’s featured with an anti-slip and splash-proof coaster tray.

Excellent Dust Cover

This container comes with an outstanding dust cover or lid to keep the grease free from dust. Your grease will remain clean and perfect for your next use. Also, the aroma of the bacon grease will be preserved well.

Curved-Shaped Comfortable Handle

You can hold it with good grief without any slippage. This smart kitchen gadget is designed with a comfortable handle with a curved shape.


Easy to strain the bacon grease
Versatile usage
No leakage issues


This container isn’t suitable to soak in soap water 

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Tellshun Bacon Grease Container

[amazon fields=B0BM5R932R” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

With durable materials, huge storage capacity, and multi-tasking performance, the Tellshun bacon grease container works fine. To offer the best features and performance in storing grease, Tellshyn can be the best option.

If you love the shiny black color and intelligent design, you’ll love the Tellshun. It has crystal black with an elegant design that can enhance the kitchen’s beauty. 


1.25 Litre Storage Capacity

You don’t have to for several pots for grease storage. This one pot will be well enough. To handle the everyday huge frying leftover fat, this container will be the perfect match with a 1.25-liter storage capacity. 

High-Temperature Resistant

It’s a great feature if your container comes with a heat-resistant mode. It will relieve you from waiting to cool the grease. The Tellshun is high temperature-resistant. So, pouring the hot oil instantly will easier your way to store the fats. 

SOS 305 Stainless Steel Materials

It’s constructed with sturdy and long-lasting SOS stainless steel material. So, the container will offer the utmost longevity without deformation. Also, the material is food-grade quality to keep the fats safe. 

Well-Sealed Lid

Unlike the ordinary lid, the Golf container is featured with a strong lid that is tight-fitting. It won’t allow the liquid to leak out. Also, the fat will remain safe from harmful substances. 


Effective design to isolate dust
Easy cleaning through both handwash and dishwasher 
Requires no refrigeration


Instead of heavy-duty materials, it can be dented unless you care for it well

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FWAXIA Bacon Grease Container

[amazon fields=B08KVW25GG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

When you require a maximum capacity container for your professional purpose, go for the FWAXIA container. It has 2 liters of huge capacity to tackle your everyday tremendous professional storage. All types of liquid are perfect to store in it. From bacon grease to cooking oil, broth, stock, or any other necessary liquid are storable in it. 


Removable Convenient Filter

The filter is made of robust stainless steel material. Also, it’s easily removable.  This filter is designed to remove all the particles from bigger to tiny sizes with ease. Thus the grease will be perfectly reusable with its flavor. 

Easy-Grief Handle

You’ll feel more convenient with its stainless steel easy-grief handle. During your use, the handle won’t make any aching in your palms. It will be comfortable for long-time use. 

Multi-Purpose Use

With its stainless steel strainer, you can easily filter the leftover fat for healthy storage. Besides, the strainer works fine for sifting flour, straining lumpy gravy, and also brewing leaf tea. 

Non-Slip Coaster Tray

Its non-slip tray will prevent the fats from splashing on the surface or table. So, your countertop won’t be messy. 


Easy cleaning
Stylish design and color combination
Well filterable
Robust construction


Only one color is available

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How to Choose the Container to Store Bacon Grease?

Focusing on some essential factors, you can easily choose the best quality bacon grease container. However, if you are confused and don’t know what to consider, here’re our crucial buying guide for this kitchen gadget-


The different container comes with different capacity size. It can be 1 liter, 2 liter, or more. Before you decide to buy a bacon grease container, you must decide what capacity you require. For regular storage, 2 liters capacity is perfect. in this case, the Chihee Grease Container and the FWAXIA Bacon Grease Container will be your best choice. because both of them are featured with 2 liters capacity

If you require higher capacity, go for the Oggi Container. it will offer a 3.75-litre capacity which is undoubtedly a huge storage option for your professional purpose. 

But if you hardly need to store your leftover bacon grease, go for the 1-liter capacity container. With only a 1 liter storage capacity, the Zulay Bacon Grease Container will be the perfect gadget for a small amount of storage. 

Round Inner Wall

Containers that are featured a smooth round inner wall are highly recommended for regular use. The round inner wall comes with a smooth surface with no corners. As a result, cleaning the fat is pretty effortless.  So, purchase your grease container with a round inner wall. all the containers on our list are designed with a smooth round inner wall. Still, the Golf Bacon Grease Container is considered the best with its well-shaped round inner wall and also with large storage capacity. 

Cleaning Process

Another essential matter to check out is the cleaning process. Based on your preference, you can go for both dishwasher-safe or handwash containers. However, we suggest a dishwasher-safe container because it’s flexible to clean. 

Consideing the cleaning process, you can choose the Chihee Grease Container. It’s a complete dishwasher-safe container and extremely easy to wash and clean. 


A bacon grease container with strainer is a bonus. It will allow you to keep your fats free to remove the food particles from the bacon grease, you no longer have to use an extra strainer. 

Therefore, we recommend you choose your container with a strainer. All our top picks are available with extraordinary high-quality strainers. So, check out them to lessen your research efforts.  Zulay bacon grease container is ideal for its high-quality strainer. 


Bacon grease containers come with a variety of materials. Considering all these, stainless steel is the best. It will deliver a longer life span. You use the container without any deformation. you focus the material, check out our top priority the Chihee Grease Container. It’s made of robust and high-quality stainless steel.  

We don’t recommend any container with plastic. Plastic isn’t suitable to keep the grease quality safe. So, try not to choose a bacon grease container made of plastic.  All the containers that we’ve selected in our list are manufactured with either stainless steel or iron. Check out the Cambom Container for its robust materials. 


The sprout of the container should be broad. It will assist you to pour the grease conveniently. Thus, ensure the container that you’ve chosen has a large spirit. In terms of the large sprout, all the containers on our list are designed with comprehensive and convenient sprouts. 

So, you don’t have to be stressed about this feature if choose your container from our list.  Golf bacon grease container has come with a wide sprout to allow you to pour the liquid with ease. 

Tight-Fit Lid

If the lid of your container is loose, the grease will fall out which is extremely irritating. It’s also time-consuming to clean the oily surface. A tight-fit lid is a must-have factor to consider while choosing a container to store bacon grease. 
You should check out the lid types. Not all grease containers will provide a tight-fit lid. Ensure the lid is tightened perfectly. purchase the Tellshun bacon grease container with a well-tightened lid.

How to Store Bacon Grease?

With only a few simple steps, bacon grease can be stored in an accurate way. Here’s how to store your leftover bacon grease- 

  • Choose the best quality  bacon grease container with a strainer
  • You also can choose any ordinary container that has no filter. In that case, you have to use the additional strainer 
  • Now take your leftover grease and let it cook for 10 minutes. It’s suggested not to store the hot grease. However, some of the high-quality containers are heat-resistant. In this case, storing the hot grease will be alright
  • Now hold the strainer and filter your grease and remove all the food particles from the grease 
  • Once the grease is clean, pour it into the container 
  • Tighten the lid carefully so that it won’t lose 
  • Refrigerate the container until you use it the next


More or less, we all het some bacon grease leftover every week. And storing the leftover perfectly is one of the great kitchen hacks. It requires no added effort to keep and reuse in your next dishes. Thus, you must store it in a proper container. However, what’s the best container to store bacon grease?

You can use any type of container from stainless steel to glass containers. Go through the detail of our top list. And it will assist you to pick the best one. All these containers are from leading brands that ensure quality. 

Besides, they are durable and designed with a strainer. So, your grease will be cleaned and pure for a long time. Don’t miss to check out our top picks. 

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