Best Angel Food Cake Pan

Best Angel Food Cake Pan
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Whether you bake once a week or a month, you need the best angel food cake pan.  Because the appearance of the cake depends on how perfect the pan is. Your cakes in a food cake pan will be well-risen and evenly cooked.

This utensil is specifically designed to make cakes. So, we’ve made the list of top bakeware to assist you in making the best. Check out our top list of 10 best-angel food cake pans. And bring perfection to your baking. 

Best Angel Food Cake Pan

What Features Should Be Considered Before Buying the Angel Food Cake Pan?

To make your angel food cake perfect with good appeal, your pan should have some specific features. Because features are important for an excellent outcome. Here’s what these are-

Non-Stick Coating

Make sure your pan has a non-stick coating on its surface. Surface with non-stick material makes cake-making easier. Because the batter won’t get stuck on the pan bottom. So, you’ll get an easy release. To take out the cake from your pan with its actual shape, your pan should be featured with non-coating material.


Usually, angel food cakes come in round shapes. So, we suggest choosing a pan with a round shape. You also can choose other shapes as per your choice. But the round shape is the best. 

Perfect Tube Height

Sometimes the tube of the pan comes short which will trouble you to make the cake properly. Check out whether your chosen model is featured with perfect tube height. 


If the pan for your angel food cake is featured oven safe, it will take you a step ahead of making the cake. Oven-safe pans are normally featured to withstand high temperatures. In this case, you have no worry whether your cake will get burnt in high heat. Normally the oven-safe pans are designed to resist up to 450° F or more. 

Underneath Air Circulation

Pans designed with feet are perfect for great air circulation. Some of the pans come with four feet, and some are designed with three feet. In a word, if you want ideal air circulation, choose your pan with feet design. 

What is the Best Angel Food Cake Pan?

Angel food cake pans are manufactured to deliver a good rise to your cake. These pans are designed with tall and straight sides and tubes. All the pans we have selected for our top picks will offer high-end performance. Yet the Wilton Fluted Pan is our expert’s choice in terms of its versatility.

Each of them has come with different features, specifications, sizes, and costs. You need to choose your best fit according to your necessity. 

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10 Best Angel Food Cake Pans

The food cake pan is also called the tube pan. Choosing a pan from the list below will help you get the ideal pan for cake making.  Because the design of the sides, and surface is perfect for making your airy and light cakes. Let’s check out which one matches your requirements the best-

Wilton Fluted Tube Pan

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Wilton produces a wide variety of bakeware in different sizes and shapes. The Wilton Fluted tube pan is designed to offer versatile baking advantages. This pan is specially designed to prepare the ring cake. However, it’s a perfect pan for making ring cakes, and monkey bread as well. 

What’s more, you also can bake cheese and macaroni in it. And surprisingly, roasting chicken is another outstanding reason why you should choose this multi-tasking tube pan.  

Key Features

Premium Non-Stick Coating

The Winton tube pan has got a non-stick coating on its surface. So, it makes the sliding and popping out of the content easy and smooth. Also, the premium quality coating will make the pan highly durable.

Convenient Handle

This pan is designed with a well-shaped handle to make your use comfortable. No risk there to be shocked by heat while baking.  It’s safe to use the Wilton pan.  

High-Quality Materials

It’s made of premium quality alloy steel for a robust structure. As a result, this pan will be usable for a long time without any deformation. 

Silicon Moulds

In terms of its silicon mold, your baking will be faster than the normal baking process. Also, it will provide baking with no burning or overcooking. 


No stuck or ripping issues will happen
Great bakeware for chocoflan as well
10 years of manufacturer’s warranty 
Easy cleaning


Handwash only

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Chicago Matelic Pro Cake Pan

[amazon fields=”B003YKGR5U” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

If you’re a professional chef and have to bake cake regularly, choose the Chicago Matelic Pro cake pan. It’s one of the best cake pans for professional use. However, it can also be a perfect kitchen tool for your household purpose. 

It will ensure excellence for each of your baked recipes.  The Chicago pan will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. 

Key Features 

2-Pieces Cake Pan

This pan is featured two different pieces of cake pan. One is for a ring cake, and the other is for an angel food cake. So, it’s a multi-purpose cake pan that has come with a two-in-one mode. 

Premium Quality Carbon Steel 

It’s made of bulky carbon steel to deliver excellent baking. Also, due to the carbon steel application, it will offer superior heat conduction. 

Its silicon-based non-stick coating will make the release trouble-free and simple. Also, it will take very less time to clean the pan.

Even Air Circulation

The pan is designed with four feet. And, its feet will allow an ideal air circulation underneath when you invert the pan. This process will make the cake become cool evenly. 


The Chicago Matelic pan is a completely heat-resistant bakeware. It can withstand up to 450° F temperature. There’s no risk of baking the cake in high heat. It’s safe.


Lightweight design
Easy to use
Trouble-free cake release from the pan
Dishwasher Safe


No warranty is available

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Nordic Ware Angel Food Cake Pan

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Some of the bakeware is there on the market that creates trouble in your first-time use. But, each cake will turn out beautifully with the Nordic Ware angel food cake pan. 

To make the angel food cake, rely confidently on the Nordic Ware Angel Food Cake pan. Because the Nordic Ware pan is large enough for your packaged cake mix. Amazingly, it’s all-time ready bakeware for your 3 or 4 times baking a day. 

Key Features 

Robust Body Construction

The high-quality aluminum material made its body constructions robust and long-lasting. This pan is manufactured in a professional-grade body structure. It’s perfect to make heavy-weight cakes with Nordic Ware. 

PFOA-Free Surface

The pan surface is coated with FFOA- free non-stick material. So, making cakes in it is safe and healthy. Also, you don’t have to be troubled for cleaning. 

Even-Heat Circulation

The design of this pan allows the heat to circulate evenly through the surface. Therefore the cake will be baked evenly on all sides. It won’t bake like one side of the cake is cooked and another is undercooked. All the sides along with the middle will be properly baked. 

Large Capacity

This pan comes with a large capacity which will allow you to bake 16 cups of batter at a time. So, you don’t have to go for batch baking while making cakes for parties. It’s time-saving


Dishwasher safe
Perfect for a large arrangement 
15 years of manufacturer warranty


Stick the content a little on the bottom

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Topenca Supplies Pan for Angel Food Cake

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For your wide variety of baking demands, the Topenca Supplies pan is one of the best. It’s such excellent kitchenware that can be suitable for outdoor use as well. Transporting your masterpiece and getting the cake ready anywhere is pretty trouble-free. It meets the longer life span and also the highest standard. 

Key Features 

Reliable Design

This pan comes with a reliable professional-grade design. So, you can use it either for home small baking or commercial purposes. It’s an amazing bakeware for all sorts of party arrangements.

Rust Resistant 

Thick aluminized coating with steel makes sure reliable heat transfer. Also, it’s an entirely rust-resistant kitchen gadget. Its textured surface will deliver an even airflow. So, you’ll get an excellent result.

Strong Texture

All its sides are fluted tactfully so repeated use won’t create any denting. It will remain the same as it is in the beginning. 


The non-stick coating of the Topenca Supplies is ideal for baking. It’s PFOA and PTFE-free. So, your cake will remain safe and healthy. 

Fluted Side design

In terms of its fluted side design, Topenca can be suitable to make pie crust beside the cake. So, it will deliver high performance with multiple usages. 


Provides effortless and quick release
Easy to maintain


The pan bottom isn’t removable

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Fox Run Angel Food Cake Pan

[amazon fields=”B001GIOX8U” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

If you want an excellent gadget for a light fluffy cake, check out the Fox Run angel food cake pan. It will give your cake a perfect rise and outstanding texture. Your cake will look delicious and attractive. 

It comes out with a perfect brown cake appearance. So, baking a spongy and moist cake is no more difficult with a Fox Run angel food cake pan. 

Key Features 

Drop Out Bottom

The Fox Run pan is featured with a convenient drip-out bottom side.  As a result, it will be easier for you to remove the cake from the pan. What’s more, the center design of this pan is for a faster batter rising. 

Versatile Usage 

Although it’s designed to make angel food cake, you also can use it for other purposes. Making gelatin or ice will also be handy in this pan. 

Removal Inner Core

It has got inner parts with an easy removal system. So, you’ll be able to remove the cake easily from the pan when stuck on the bottom. 

Less Likely to Burn 

Since it’s coated with a non-stick coating material, the food content is less likely to burn in this pan. You don’t have to be stressed.


Angel food cake recipe guide is added
3 feet is included for cooling the cake
Takes less time to bake the cake


A bit expensive

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Amazon Basics Pan for Angel Food Cake

[amazon fields=”B084H75L7V” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

To win your investment, check out Amazon Basics. It’s one of the most popular pans for angel food cake with least price. If you want a high-quality baking pan with a tight budget, this pan should be on your top list. 

It will help you make your baking process faster and easier. For family small purposes to party, it’s a perfect gadget for all types of occasions.   

Key Features 

9-Inch Thick 

The pan is 9 inches large to offer the party arrangement. It won’t burn the food ingredient. And, its multi-purpose functionality will allow you to make other items besides angel food cake. You can make sponge cake, chiffons, and all other favorite cakes. 

Sturdy Construction 

Its metal-based strong construction provides reliable strength. Using for heavy-duty purposes will be in your hand. Also, it’s BPA-free. Thus, making a cake in this pan will be healthy. 

Non-Stick Surface

Its surface is coated with a non-stick coating to release the baked goods effortlessly. So, you can go for a pleasing presentation with your cake.  

High-Heat Resistant

It’s an oven-safe high-performed pan. And it has a heat resistance capacity of up to 428° F. Your pan will perform for a long time.


No sticking issue 
Deliver efficient baking
Effortless to carry


Improper use can make it leak 

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Red Co Fluted Angel Food Cake Pan

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One of the leading brands is Red Co in the present market.  It understands the users’ needs and demands. So Red Co always makes its products in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Also, it always adopts the latest features. 

The Red Co multi-purpose cake pan is a perfect kitchen gadget for everyday use and also at special events. It comes with maximum capacity to reduce your batch-baking hassle. You can bake up to 12 cup batter at a time. 

Key Features 

Round Shape

This pan comes with a round shape and precise size. Thus, giving your cake a good and eye-catchy shape will be effortless. 

Sturdy Material 

Material is a great concern for a baking pan. If the material isn’t of high quality, your pan won’t last for a long time. In this case, the Red Co baking pen is highly appreciated for its strong metal material-based construction. 


It’s an oven-safe kitchen gadget that can withstand up to 450° F maximum temperature. So, there’s no risk your cake can be burnt. 


No twisting problem
Dishwasher safe
Effortless clean process


It can spread a smell on the first use unless you wash it properly

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Chefmade High-Quality Pan

[amazon fields=”B077HP5MWR” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Since 1999, the Chefmade brand has been manufacturing its robust kitchenware. It will assist you in making a difference in your baking. To make your evening snacks, family dinner, and food for festival celebrations, the Chefmade is the best dealing gadget. 

Its faster cooking process will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen. So, managing your time to do other necessary tasks will be easier for you. 

Key Features 

Removable Bottom

This baking pan has its bottom fully removable. So, after baking, you no longer have to worry whether the cake can be broken and damage its shape. Just remove the bottom trouble-free and release your cake. 

Enhanced Edge

It has got an enhanced and tough edge. Therefore, the baked goods will be safe from warping. What’s more, its 0.8mm thickened carbon steel creates a seamless link through rapid uniform heating. 

Food-Grade Coating

The Chefmade is coated with a high-quality food-grade silicone coating. So, baking foods won’t be poisonous through any harmful chemicals or substances from this gadget. It’s PTFE and PFOA free.  So, the food quality will remain safe.


Low energy consumption
Less baking time
Required less cooking oil


It’s a bit shorter

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Winco Carbon Steel Pan for Angel Food Cake

[amazon fields=”B003E440PA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

It’s a high-performed professional-grade pan to make angel food cake. With its trouble-free removal, you’ll feel amazing to use this cake pan. And when it’s about the cleaning procedure, you need not go for any hassled cleaning process. All you need is to soak into the soap water and rinse slowly.  

Key Features 

Non-Stick Coating

This pan has a non-stick coating on its surface. So, the cake won’t get stuck on the bottom. You can release it with ease. 


It’s designed with p[rofessional grade for a wide range of use purposes. From light to bulky baking, you can use this pan any way you need it. 

Dishwasher Compatible

Cake pans that aren’t dishwasher compatible are a bit tricky to clean. However, the Winco pan is completely dishwasher safe. So, washing with any cleaning substance is trouble-free. And your pan surface won’t be faded.  


Strong construction


The cake sometimes comes out dark

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Bezall Angel Food Cake Pan

[amazon fields=”B00SWTFHVI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

It’s a set of 3 easily removable parts cake pan. Making regular rounds shape angel food cake in this pan will take only a few minutes. This cake pan isn’t perfect for angel food cake only, you also can make many other cakes like-

  • Cheesecakes
  • Airy and light Cakes
  • Carrot Cakes
  • Apple Cakes
  • Chiffon Cakes
  • Mousse Cakes

Key Features 

6-Inch Thick

The thickness of this pan will help you make the most dense cake in it. It’s also perfect for making all types of heavy cakes like cheesecakes. 

Non-Reactive Anodized Finish

After use several times a day, your pan will remain free from rust, flake, chip, or peel. It’s because the pan is made of a non-reactive anodized high-quality finish. It will last for a long time without any defects.  

Harmful-Coating Free

It’s a safe utensil with no harmful coating like extra metal, chemicals, or welds. So, the food content will be safe in it. It’s an excellent and safe gadget for making cakes with citrus-based sauce or fruits also.


Ideal gadget for dessert
Beautiful silver color
Lightweight design


The tube of this pan is pretty short 

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How to Choose The Best Angel Food Cake Pan: 7 Essential Factors to Consider

Since making angel food cake requires a proper gadget, you must check out some factors before choosing. Here are the five main factors in choosing the best one-


A pan for angel food cake comes with various materials. It can be of aluminum, stainless steel, silicon, or even glass material. Among all of these materials, stainless steel and aluminum get the top priorities. 

Because pans with any of these two materials are easy to maintain and clean. Also, they come with better longevity. Wilton Fluted Pan is well made with high-quality Alloy Steel. You can choose it for quality material.


Those who are new at making angel food cakes need help understanding the size. Angel cake typically rises about twice its size. So, you need to choose a pan that is large enough to accommodate the rise of your given batter. 

The standard size of a pan is 10 inches. However, depending on your small or large necessity, it can start from 6 inches. The 6-inch pan is for small family purposes. You cannot use it for parties or events. we recommend the  Topenca Supplies pan  Topenca Supplies pan for an ideal size. 

Cleaning Process

Angel food cake pans sometimes are dishwasher compatible and sometimes handwash. So, it’s important to consider which one you prefer the most. If you like easy cleaning, we recommend the dishwasher-safe pan. The Chicago Matelic Pro cake pan is dishwasher-safe a pan and hassle-free to clean. You can check out it. 


Everyone wants to get the best quality pan with a long lifespan. Check out the manufacturer’s instructions on whether it can last at least 3 years. A standard quality pan can last up to 5 years. the Fox Run angel food cake pan will offer the long life span with excellent performance. 


The brand is an obvious concern to consider. Not all brands can offer high-quality pans for angel food cakes. In this case, you can choose world-leading brands like –

  • Wilton
  • Chicago Matelic
  • Topenca
  • Amazon Basics
  • Chefmade
  • Winco


It’s another essential matter to take into account. If you have a small kitchen countertop or less space in the cabinet, choose the 6-inch pan. It will easier your storage. For your large-size cake-making, you must choose the Fox Run angel food cake pan. It’s manufactured with a 9-inch large capacity to handle your large party arrangement. . 


The last factor that you must focus on is your budget. You must have a fixed budget. So, determine how much you can spend. It will help you research the product quality based on your budget. 

If you want to get a high-quality pan for angel food cake, keep your budget a bit bif than the regular costs. Bezall Angel Food Cake is one of the cheapest cakes on our list that comes at only $15. So, if your budget is tight, you can purchase it at a low price but high quality.

How to Use Angel Food Cake Pan?

Once you learn how to use the angel food cake pan, you can easily make your cake the next time. Here’s the easiest way how to use the angel food cake pan-

  • Insert the tube inside your pan
  • Preheat your oven to 350° F
  • Prepare your batter 
  • Now wrap the pan bottom using foil paper 
  • Your foil paper should be wide enough to cover the outside up to 3 inches
  • Pour the batter into your pan and bake for 45 minutes
  • Let your cake cool in the same pan for 10 minutes
  • Turn the pan upside down on a dish and the cake will fall down
  • Your cake is ready

This is how easily you can use your angel food cake pan. 

How to Take Out Cake from Tube Pan: 5 Best Ways

There are many ways to remove the cake from a tube pan. Here are the 5 best ways. These 5 hacks will easier your cake removal task-

1. Dragging Knife Around

It’s the most common and trouble-free method to remove the cake from the pan. Just hold the knife tight and drag it around the cake.  Keep moving the knife slowly around and the cake will begin to come out.

2. Turning the Pan Upside Down

It’s another typical way to cake removal from the pan. All you need is to keep the cake pan upside down for a while. And your cake will start coming out. 

3. Cooling 

Cooling works best to remove the cake from the pan. Let the cake cool down for 10 to 20 minutes. Your cake will automatically be ready to come out of the pan. 

4. Reheating

It’s rare if the cake gets stuck to the pan so stiff. In this case, reheating is an excellent method to remove it with ease. Keep reheating the pan in low heat for 5 minutes. Remove the pan from the stove and try removing the cake. It will come out with ease. 

5. Springform Pan

Using a springform pan is the last solution if you always get stuck with your cake. In this case, the springform pan is easy to disassemble its parts and remove the cake from it. Pan that comes with several removal parts is called a springform pan. Using a springform pan won’t require you to go for the above hacks. 


The brands we have selected for our top list are the leading ones worldwide. Choosing your bakeware from any of our suggested brands will benefit you. These are the collection to make the assortment of your kitchen standard. Each of our top picks is the best angel food cake pan with no doubt

All these pans are excellent tools for baking cakes. You’ll achieve the ideal durability with their high-quality materials and features. So, you can replace your older angel food cake pan with any of our suggested ones. 

Most importantly, these pans are highly suitable for multipurpose usage. And also the perfect addition for both professional and non-professional bakers. So, you need not to wonder whether they will suit your skill. 

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