Best Spatula for Cast Iron

Best Spatula for Cast Iron
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If you cook with cast iron utensils, make sure your spatula is cast iron compatible. However, not all spatulas are cast iron compatible and safe to use. So, you must choose the best spatula for cast iron.  Check out our top list of 10 best spatulas for cast iron utensils. 

It’s impossible to cook without lifting, spreading, or flipping the cooking ingredients. Spatula comes with a handle that helps lift and flip the items. Therefore using a spatula with high-quality material is essential. 

Best Spatula for Cast Iron

What Features Should Be Considered Before Buying the Spatula for Cast Iron?

Features are essential for any kind of product. And if it’s about a spatula, there’s no option to skip it. A well-featured spatula will offer comfort and safety to use in high temperatures. Here are the most significant features that your spatula must have- 


Spatula comes in different shapes and sizes. The shape is very important to consider based on your cooking purpose. It can be square or rectangular in shape. Whatever shape you choose, make sure it’s a perfect utensil for flipping, spreading, or scraping. 

Many of the spatulas come with multipurpose functionality. In this case, one spatula works fine for all the needs. You may check out our top list to get the best multipurpose spatula.  


The blade of your spatula should be wide and thin enough to manage the food content properly. The shape of the blade varies but they are flexible. Spatula that is designed with blade that’s thick and long on its right side is usually perfect for right-handed cooks.

And, for the left-handed cooks, the blade should be thick and long on its left side. Check out the blade types before making your purchase.


Another significant feature of a spatula is its handle. Your comfort relies depending on what type of handle your spatula has.  Some of the spatula have handles that are not long enough. 

Also, the handle materials aren’t suitable. In this case, you must ensure the handle is long enough to make a safe flipping, spreading, or transferring the food content from the pan. 

Also, the handle material is important to consider. If the handle is of high-quality materials like wood, silicon, silver, or plastic, it will provide excellent grief. And your hands won’t slip away while cooking for a long time. It will bring good grief with tremendous comfort. 


The handle of your spatula should be heat-resistant. A spatula with a heat-resistant handle can withstand high temperatures. Cooking in high heat won’t make the handle hot to the touch. It will remain cool and you’ll get a secure and safe cooking. 

Perforation System

Some of the spatulas are featured with perforation design. It’s an ideal feature to drain food items from fat. You don’t have to spend extra time to drain the oil or fat. Try choosing your spatula with a perforation design. However, for spreading and transferring, the perforation design is no longer needed.  

What is the Best Spatula for Cast Iron?

Spatulas are different types and shapes of hand-held tools. Using a spatula, you can make your flipping, spreading, scraping, meshing, or transferring easy.  But purchasing the right spatula with quality is important. All the spatulas that we’ve enlisted in our top list are high quality and handy. 

Still, if you wonder to pick the one among these all 10, we will recommend the Winco Tn719 spatula. It’s the best spatula for cast iron skillet in terms of its professional grade usage. Also, it requires less cost. 

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10 Best Spatula for Cast Iron

We have selected the top picks considering the brands, features, specifications, quality, performance, and cost. Our top picks will be the best cooking utensils for cast iron-

OXO Stainless Steel Turner

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Whether you cook curries, fry eggs, or fish, the right tool will make your cooking job easier and more enjoyable. And this is where the OXO spatula comes in handy. It’s a stainless steel spatula with comfortable grief. 

Your cooking will be easier when you use this utensil during your cooking time.  You also can effortlessly drain the ingredients from hot water or oil. 


Slotted Head 

The OXO spatula of Turner has got a sturdy and unique head style. Thus, it’s super convenient to separate the ground meteor to chip the eggs during frying. It assists in spreading and flipping the cooking objects in the pan properly to get a brown fried color. 

Therefore, flipping up the burgers, fish fillets, omelets, and other frying objects on the pan is easy and safe with the OXO Turner. 

Convenient Perforation System

In terms of its perforation design on the surface, you’ll get a bit extra convenient. Its perforation design will help you drain the fat easily. So, you no longer have to hold the cooked items for minutes to remove the oil. 

Sliding Design

With the sliding design, it’s easy to slide the cooked items from pan to plate easily. It’s also a time-saving way to transfer the items from the pan. 

Non-Slip Handle

Many spatula comes with handles that are not comfortable and are slippery. However, the OXO has a non-slip handle to hold it for a long time with supreme reliability. Even when it’s wet, it won’t slip away from your palm. 


Dishwasher Safe
Heat resistant 
Light Weight


Not suitable for heavy-duty cooking

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Mercer Culinary Spatula

[amazon fields=”B00DT1XEMS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Spatula with multi-purpose use is highly appreciated. To meet your versatile demand from flipping, spreading, lifting, transferring, and also serving, the Mercer Culinary spatula is the best. What’s more, you can go for the following task with it-

  • Cutting
  • Kneading
  • Scoping 
  • Cleaning
  • Measuring

This extraordinary grill kitchen tool is ready to deliver multiple traits. It’s featured with stainless steel blade, which will offer an excellent combination of stiffness and flexibility. 


Hea-Resistant Handle

The handle of the Mercer spatula is featured with heat-resistant capability. It absorbs 50% less heat while cooking.  So, it’s always ready to touch and hold for your long-time cooking.

Extra Large Turner Blade

It’s designed with an extra large turner blade on its surface. As a result, chopping meat on the pan halfway through your cooking will be in your hands. 

Bench Scraper

The front edge of this spatula is designed with a  bench scraper. So, it will nicely slide the food on your griddle or barbecue. 

Dual-Textured Finish

To make your cooking more comfortable, the Mercer turner has got a dual-textured finish. So it won’t slip away from your hand. Also, it will provide additional grief. 


It’s easy to clean after each time you use
A perfect kitchen gadget for heavy-duty cooking
Robust body construction


Way too big considering the home cook

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Winco TN719 Spatula

[amazon fields=”B001VZAKGM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Winco is one of the leading brands of kitchen utensils for professional and family cooks. It promises product quality and durability. So, if you’re a professional chef, check out the Winco TN719 spatula. 

It’s a medium size stainless steel spatula or turner that delivers amazing grief for hours of cooking. It will allow you to enhance your food preparation with ease. 

The combination of stainless steel and wooden handle comes with a wonderful balance. It will keep your hands safe from heat and fire. 


Wooden Handle

The Winco TN719 comes with a wooden handle. And using a spatula with a wooden handle will deliver comfort. Also, the wooden handle looks beautiful compared to the other utensil. 

Wide Temperaing Part

The fat part of the Winco has got a wide design with a 5-inch by 3-inch temperament part. Its wide design makes flipping, lifting, and transferring food items more convenient. 

Dishwasher Safe Materials

It’s made of high-quality stainless steel materials which is completely dishwasher safe. Thus, it’s effortless to clean the spatula without harming its body. You don’t have to be worried about damage to the blade or handle. 

Robust Surface

The surface of the Winco is designed with strong stainless steel material. So, cooking pounds of meat, fish, or vegetables with it will be trouble-free. Its robust body construction will also enhance the durability of your Winco. 


Rust resistance
Delivers comfortable grief


No perforation design for easy draining

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MANNKITCHEN Spatula for Professionals

[amazon fields=”B078WKC8B4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

If you’re a cast iron skillet user, the MANNKITCHE will be the best spatula for cast iron skillet. It’s specially designed to match the skillets made of cast iron. The thin scraping edge of the MANNKITCHEN works fine equally for delicate and tough cooking jobs. 

Most importantly, it’s FDA-compliant and 100% food safe. Making fast food like pizza or burgers using this spatula will be highly comfortable. 


Hardwood Handle

Because of the hardwood material, its handle remains cool the entire cooking time. So you can touch it anytime you need.  Besides, it never melts or burns on the edge due to the touch of the skillet’s hot edge. It will offer secure and comfortable grief.

420 Stainless Steel Heavy Gauge

In terms of the stainless steel gauge, the MANNKITCHEN can easily prevent rust, flex, and corrosion. It also leads to a smooth texture to your naturally rough cast iron. 

Knife Edge Design

It comes with multi-purpose usage due to its unique and exclusive design. The edge of this spatula has got a knife-based edge. So, chopping, besides flipping and lifting will also be easier. Using the MANNKITCHEN will lessen your efforts.  


Best for flat cooking pan 
Highly durable
Perfect gadget for kitchen-to-table appeal
Suitable for any size skillets


No warranty is available 

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Anmarko Meta Spatula Set

[amazon fields=”B072QT1LYY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

It has never been so easy to cook all recipes with a single spatula or turner. Different recipes require different spatulas. In this case, choosing a total set of spatula with various shapes and size is the best idea. So, here’s the Anmarko metal spatula set for you. It’s the best metal spatula.

It’s a set of 4 different turners, and they are fit for cooking various dishes. You can use them as a-

  • Fish Turner
  • Pancake Turner
  • Griddle Spatula
  • Bench Scraper
  • Kitchen Spatula, and many more as per your necessity. 

All these spatulas are of professional grade and perfect for indoor or outdoor cooking. From home kitchens to restaurants or backyard barbecues, these are the best spatula for stainless steel pan. 


Thick Blade Construction

The Anmarko spatula sets have thick blade constructions up to 1/25 inches thick. These are high-quality stainless steel and perfectly designed to act as heavy-duty tools.

Long Surface Area

All these spatulas are designed considering the larger pancakes. So, these are manufactured with long surface areas. Using them in a large pan with a wide edge will be easier. 

Rounded Corner

These are shaped with a rounded corner design. It will make your flipping and spreading trouble-free.

Ergonomic Handle

Their ergonomic handle makes cooking for a long time effortless, and holding them is comfortable. Moreover, these are easy to hang in the kitchen cabinet after use. 


Highly durable stainless steel body construction
Tapered edge to cut effortlessly


Plastic handles can be burnt unless you’re conscious

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Wooden Set of Spatulas

[amazon fields=”B088DQNG17″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

The most classic design of a spatula comes with wooden construction. Wooden runners always get smooth edges and a superb finish. If you like bringing a traditional touch to your kitchen utensils, choose this set of wooden spatula. 

All these four spatulas are of different sizes and shapes, making them extremely versatile for multiple uses. This wooden set of spatulas will give a natural approach to your contemporary kitchen. 


Scratch Proof

No matter whether you cook on cast iron, stainless steel, or non-stick cookware. It will never get any scratches on its edges. So, it’s safe to use in any utensil type. Besides, it spread no bad odor from its wooden construction. 

Coated with Non-Toxic Lacquer 

The whole set of spatula is coated with non-toxic food-grade quality lacquer. So the beautiful glossy look won’t disappear for constant use or washing. 

Crack & Melt Resistant

Although these spatulas are made of wood, they will never crack. And they will never melt with high heat because of the melt-resistance quality. 

Firm Handle

All four turners are designed with firm handles. So, holding them for a long time cooking will never make you bored or stressed. 


Easy to clean and maintain
Perfect for non-stick pans
Durable and lightweight


Handles are pretty short to deal with grilling 

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Leonyo Set of Spatula

[amazon fields=B07ZCR4R7F” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

The Leonyo spatulas are designed with ABS and stainless steel composite materials. These high-quality materials will free you from worrying about toxic chemicals that can mix with food. These spatulas are fit for multi-tasking cooking jobs like preparing-

  • Salmon
  • Burger
  • Steak
  • Grill 

Also, these are the perfect tools for flat-top stainless steel and cast iron cookware. Its beveled edge assists you in stirring food more precisely. And the angle between the handle and the spatula blade is 45° will save your hands from high heat temperature. 


Hanging Holes

Its handle is designed with two convenient holes for hanging purposes. So, you can easily set them above the countertop after using them each time. 

Triple-Riveted Handles

Both these spatulas come with triple-riveted handles. So, these are much more sturdier than the double-riveted handles. 

1.3mm Thick Blade

The blade of the spatulas is thick, up to 1.3mm. So, these are high-quality tools for heavy-duty cooking purposes. And the stainless steel material will allow you to use them longer. 

Anti-Impact & Unbreakable

Due to the high-quality materials, the Leonyo turners can withstand high temperatures on a grill bar or griddle. They will never break. 


Won’t fade and remain the same 
It comes with low cost
High performed


Pretty small in size for heavy-duty cooking

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Homy Style Heavy-Duty Spatula

[amazon fields=B07V1JSQ9T” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

If you’re a professional cook and have to use different styled utensils, the Homi Style spatula is for you. It’s a perfect tool for various utensils like cast iron skillets, grills, griddles, and pans with flat top surfaces.  

Making a variety of food items, for instance, eggs, omelets, burgers, and cake, is great with it. Anyone who loves baking, grilling, or frying will highly appreciate this multi-purpose spatula. 


Beveled Edge

Spatula with a rough edge is extremely uncomfortable. In this case, you’ll love the Homi Style spatula. It’s featured a beveled edge for great sliding. So, flipping or transferring the fish fillets and other frying objects will be in your hands. 

Heat-Resistant Handle

The handle of this spatula is completely heat-resistant. Also, it provides a good and comfortable grief with its 7-inch long handle.  

Sharp Edge for Ease Cutting

It’s designed with a sharp edge to cut and chop well. So, the Homi Style spatula comes with versatile use along with flipping or spreading. 

Sleek Design

Its eye-catchy sleek design will offer utmost comfort and also self-satisfaction. Besides, it will enhance your kitchen utensil’s gravity. 


Deliver a good balance
Ultra-robust body constructions
A great tool for a gift


Not perfect to use on non-stick cookware
Hand-washable only

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Mercer Culinary M-18340 Spatula

[amazon fields=B001E1DOO8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

To make your flipping and spreading way easier, choose the Mercer M-18340 spatula. It offers the easiest way to flip and turn the cooking objects on your pan. This versatile tool comes with multi-task capability. 

Using this Marcer turner, you can go for kneading, chopping, or even scoping. It will make your cooking more enjoyable and fun rather than making it tough.


Easy Sliding

The front edge is featured with sliding traits. So, it falls under food effortlessly and helps flip up so quickly. Although the blade goes under food on your griddle, the handle remains cool and won’t make any uncomfortable holding.  

Dual-Textured Finish

Due to the design of a dual-textured finish, it delivers additional grief. Thus, the Mercer spatula won’t slip away from your hands. You can hold it easily and cook in full of comfort. 


The most essential trait of any spatula is its heat resistance capability. At this point, the Mercer spatula is highly recommended for this trait. It never becomes hot. So, using it until your cooking is done will be safer. 

High-Temperature Absorption Capability

The handle of Mercer is highly heat resistant. So, it can withstand temperatures up to 450°. It’s safe to use for high-heat cooking purposes. 


Perfect size for grill and barbecue
Sharp and robust
High-quality materials


A bit expensive

[amazon fields=”B001E1DOO8″ button_text=”Buy on Amazon” value=”button”]

KLAQQED Metal Spatula

[amazon fields=B093FTTBSQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” ]

Everyone wants to use high-quality, easy-to-use, and reliable kitchenware. You must not be out of those people. So, take the KLAQQED metal spatula. It offers all the comfortable features to make your cooking job easier.

It’s a dishwasher-safe tool that comes with an easy cleaning procedure. Also, it takes less maintenance for longevity. 


Food-Grade Materials

It’s manufactured with food-grade high-quality stainless steel material. Your food will remain safe from any toxic chemicals. 

Comfortable Wooden Handle

The handles are designed with a wooden frame to ensure non-slip traits. As a result, you’ll get excellent grief for long time use. It’s also safe to use in high-heat cooking.

Thick Blade Surface

The KLAQQED has got a thick blade surface that is thicker even than a coin. Its ideal thickness will ensure a longer life span for your spatula without any deformation. 

Normal and Slotted Design

It’s a set of two spatulas with two different shapes and designs. With the slotted spatula, it will be easier to drain fat from the cooking items. And with the regular spatula, you can cook omelets, steak, and all other food items. 


Comfortable and Soft Grief
Suitable for multi-purpose usage
Won’t react to food badly


Handles are pretty short

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How to Choose the Spatula for Cast Iron?

Before you buy a spatula here are some of the crucial things to consider. Considering these facts will help you find the perfect spatula for your cast iron utensils. Let’s check them out-


Spatulas come in different materials like metal, silicon, stainless steel, wood, and many more. Whatever materials you choose, make sure it’s food-grade. It won’t spread any harmful chemicals. OXO Truner, Mercer, and Winco spatulas on our top list are the best material kitchen wares. 

Types of Spatulas 

Based on purpose, spatulas come in different types. You must decide your purpose before buying it. There are many types of spatulas. However, 3 are the most fundamental. These are-

  1. Flippers
  2. Scrapers
  3. Spreaders

These three types come with three different functionalities. Also, they have different sizes and shapes. in this case, you can check out our top picks the Wooden Set of Spatulas. all the scraper, flipper, and spreader will be available in this set. 

Purpose of Use 

Not all spatulas are perfect for all sorts of recipes. So, check out whether the spatula matches your needs. You should consider whether you need the spatula for fish, meat, vegetables, or other purposes. It will easier your way of selection. however, the Mercer spatula will be the right one for all most all sorts of usages. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Some of the spatulas are extremely sensitive and require extra maintenance. If you want a spatula with easy maintenance, choose the dishwasher-safe spatula. You can easily clean and wash them with soap or detergent water and use them the next time. OXO and Winco are the best spatulas for trouble-free cleaning and maintenance. 


Size is another factor to consider before buying a spatula. If you need to cook large amounts, your spatula should be of large size. For the small purpose of recipes, the small size spatula will be more comfortable to deal with little food content. Leonyo gets top priority for its convenient size for your home cooking purpose. 


A quality spatula lasts up to 4 years. You must check out the durability of the spatula you want to buy. In this case, you have to consider a bit higher cost. Durability and performance both come with a high price. Home Style spatula offers super durability. 


Another essential factor for a quality spatula is its brand. Reputed brands are always committed to manufacturing high-quality spatulas. In this case, you must choose any of the leading brands we have chosen on our top list. All the brands of our top picks are superior. Still, Winco gets priority from our experts.


Investing in the best spatula for cast iron will allow you to utilize your money properly. The best spatula is a high-quality tool for safe and comfortable cooking. But choosing the right one is pretty tough and also time-consuming. 

And this is why we’ve made a concise list with the top 10 picks. It will easier your selection process to choose the right one. The top list we’ve made is based on product quality, affordability, features, and materials. 

So, you’ve plenty of options to choose what to choose and what’s not. Just go through the details of the suggested spatulas. Cooking any of your recipes will be highly comfortable while using any of our top picks. These also bring ideal longevity.

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